TikTok Trends


By Kimberly Cruz-Cruz

October 7, 2021

As school has begun and the return of in-person learning has too, there are many trends following this. One of the trends that have affected schools is the Devious Licks Challenge. Devious licks are a trend on TikTok in which students show a backpack and slowly unzip it to reveal something they stole from school. Usually with the caption “Devious Lick”. This trend first started appearing on September 6th when a TikToker posted a video showing hand sanitizer they stole. Soon after, there has been a huge wave of TikTok following along in the trend. The results of this have been that school bathrooms have been left with no soap dispensers, no paper towels, and not many bathroom supplies. Along with the lack of supplies, Glasgow has also been locking the bathrooms. This takes away the privilege to use the bathroom from everyone, not just the devious lickers. After this many principals and administrators sent emails and made videos addressing the problem including our principal, Mr. Powell. In the video, Mr. Powell said that there will be consequences for those who do participate in these trends. 

As schools start to take control over Devious Licks, another trend, supposedly becoming the trend of October 2021 has started gaining views. The trend is to slap a teacher. The trend consists of a student slowly approaching their teacher and slapping them. The whole interaction is being recorded and uploaded. Though this trend hasn’t completely gone viral as the Devious Licks Challenge, this trend does have more serious consequences. Both of these trends will bring consequences for the students who participate in them. These trends are highly discouraged amongst all students and teachers across the states.

As social media increases in popularity, there is much content being put out. Out of all the content, many dangerous stunts happening on TikTok and other social media sites have become popular. Some trends are directly affecting schools, and some are affecting communities in many ways. How can we stay safe? One way is to not give the TikTokers the attention that they want. Simply scrolling past the video is a way to discourage TikTokers into not doing the trend. Another way to prevent trends like these from going viral is by reporting the video. As this year goes on, let’s work on making our school a safer place.