Biden Report Card


By: Molly Baker

May 4, 2021

As of April 21th 2021, Joseph Biden has been serving as President of the United States of America for 91 days. In such a small time, there have been many changes. Along with the change of administrations, we’ve seen a change in laws. Here are some most prominent changes made by the Biden administration you might want to know about:

Biden’s team started his presidency off strong in January with four very controversial acts. On January 20th, Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which the Trump Administration had left back in 2017. The Paris Climate Agreement is intended to help the world’s climate and combat global warming, mostly by reducing greenhouse gasses. That same day, Biden also revoked the travel ban on seven countries, including Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela, North Korea, and Yemen. When former President Trump issued the ban in 2018, many criticized it as racist, although he denied this.The final, and arguably the most controversial law, was Biden’s reversal of Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military. Many allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community were happy to see this law go. 

Biden has also helped return foreign relations with former allies back to where they were under the Obama Administration. Relations with countries such as North Korea and Russia improved under the Trump administration; however, Biden does not want to keep it that way. He has also condemned Myanmar’s use of military violence against its citizens. The Biden Administration’s relations with Syria have become rockier, as Biden bombed a terrorist group located near the Syria-Iraq border after a terrorist group attack. This decision sparked much controversy and debate, as many thought it was an unethical decision. 

As to what we can expect from the Biden administration for the future, we know that his democratic viewpoints will lead us to a more left leaning America. He has recently proposed allowing more immigrants to come to the United States. He says he wants all adults to be eligible for Covid-19 vaccines by May 1st, which could lead to a Covid-free America by 2022. How do Biden’s new policies affect you, and what are your thoughts on Biden’s America?