Glasgow Students React to the 2020 Election


By Raine Jeff
November 6, 2020

“This election will indefinitely shape our lives, laws, and safety,” says Boisseau Woltz.
Glasgow students reacted to the ongoing 2020 election via a google form and offered their input on the current status.

Out of the 586 students that filled out the form, 532 supported Joe Biden (90.8%), 41 supported Donald Trump (7%), 6 supported Howie Hawkins (1%), and 7 supported Jo Jorgensen (1.2%).

Some of the students who support Former Vice President Biden offered their input, “I think it’s important to know that in the debates, Biden was the only one answering the questions asked to make the country better. Trump was trying to dig deep into Biden’s emotions and take him down through his losses. That’s not something a president should do,” entered Korina Horvat. “Trump is a racist, narcissist, white supremacist, who doesn’t respect women and only cares about himself,” adds Hiba Bensouda. “I think that Joe Biden should win because he wants immigrants to stay. Most of my family that’s here are immigrants, I don’t want them to go back to their country’s.” tells Ashley Diaz, “ I also think that he supports many things like equal rights, LGBTQ, BLM, and [anti] racism. I think that if he becomes president, he can change this world and make it into a place that’s more peaceful and filled with joy. I also think that Joe Biden can stop the spread of COVID-19 by keeping us safe and protect us.” And lastly, “If I was able to vote I would vote for BIDEN because we need to try new things even though they are bad or good or challenging for us, because we know that if we want to grow as a country we know that we will always go through challenging things. even though those things are challenging you should try them because that will help you and/or your community.” states Claudia Michelle.

Two of the students who support current President Trump also offered their thoughts, “I want Trump to win because I like Trump and he is very kind to people,” says Miriam Gargis. And, “Middle-class families pay less for insurance, and have far less taxes to pay under Trump. As a result, they have more control over their lives because they get to keep more of their hard-earned money,” offers Adam Turski.

One student who supports Howie Hawkins says, “I think that 2020 doesn’t have a good candidate,” Eden Tesfaye.

One student who supports Jo Jorgensen offers, “Elections will have consequences, you have the chance to make these consequences benefit you,” Gayda Makki.

“I don’t think either Trump or Biden are good for being a president due to the fact of Trump being rude and Biden being a bit racist (evidence is when he created and signed the 1994 crime bill and never regretted it. If you search up you would also see parts when he was resisting). Trump has helped the economy to grow but he is very rude. For those reasons I would vote nether and I might as well run for president if none will help this nation,” provides Lydia Samuel.

In conclusion, Glasgow students support many different viewpoints on what they value and want from their President.