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2021 New Year’s Resolution


Brooke Ehmann – Jones
January 15, 2021

The New Year only comes around once every 365 days, so many Glasgow students have taken the initiative to set New Year’s resolutions for themselves in 2021. A resolution is a goal, challenge, or task you set for yourself in order to improve your personal, academic, or social life. This resolution can benefit you or others. It can be as simple as reading more books, or it could be a long-lasting goal like learning a new language. Your resolution doesn’t have to be fulfilled in a day or even a week. You could work towards your goal for a year or more! The important thing is to stick to your resolution and try your best to accomplish it, even if you feel like giving up.

The new year’s resolutions that some Glasgow students set this year vary from academic goals like getting better grades to things like taking care of their mental health and cooking more. Here are some resolutions that students shared on the New Year’s Resolutions form that was sent out asking what resolutions students made this year:






“I’m learning Japanese, and I haven’t been practicing as much as I should have so my New Year’s resolution is to practice more on my Japanese.” – Caroline

“Do more community service.” – Ayesha

“For my New Year’s Resolution this year, I would like to get into either an American Revolution, Civil War, or World War Two re-enactment group in the east coast area.” – Takoda

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend less time on electronics.” – Rebecca

“Make sure I get better grades and make more friends. – Trevion

“I want to read 60 books and drink lots of water!” – Raine

“Yes, I set a New Year’s Resolution this year. Mine is running consistently this year and warming up to running.” – Katarina

Some students wanted to remain anonymous, so here are some of those responses:

“I am eating healthier and practicing soccer more. I am also trying to do better in school.”

“Exercising more often than I usually do.”

“Cook at least one meal for my family every week.”

“Taking care of my mental health.”

“My resolution is to take more care of myself and make new friends in 2021 and do better in school.”

“I want to get outside and read more.”

“To get good at digital art.”

“My new year’s resolution might be to eat healthier and to be more active.”

“I will fill out a mindfulness journal every day of this year.”

“Spending more time with the people I care about.”


Thank you to all that shared your resolutions for this year. Remember that resolutions can help you grow as a person and overall improve your well being. Happy New Year, and have a great year!


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Brooke Ehmann - Jones (she/her), an 8th grader at Glasgow MS has been a writer for the Panther Post since the 2020 school year. She has lived in Northern Virginia all of her life and plays on a soccer team, loves playing music on her saxophone and the piano, enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and painting, and loves spending time outdoors on the many hikes she and her family have been on. Brooke is also very passionate about the environment and enjoys learning about nature, and volunteering to protect it. She has two cats at home, and loves traveling to national parks with her family. 

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