Black History Month Spotlight: Kamala D. Harris


Imagery by White House

By: Ayesha Gulzar


In honor of Black History Month, Glasgow students celebrate people who have impacted the world in which we live.  Spotlight  #11 is Kamala Harris.

Kamala Devi Harris was an American politician and attorney who is currently serving as the very first female vice president of the United States. Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California to immigrant parents from India and Jamaica. At a young age, her parents instilled a sense of justice into Kamala by bringing her to civil rights demonstrations, protests, and introducing role models at a young age. With this familiarity and longing for justice, Kamala decided to pursue law, and over the years she has been in many attorney positions, her most recent being a California Senator. 

On August 11, 2020, she agreed to become Joe Biden’s running mate during the 2020 presidential election, later becoming the first female, African American, and South Asian vice president of the United States. Kamala Harris continues to inspire people as she makes the best of her executive position and pushes for the betterment of women, people of color, low income families, and other historically marginalized groups. She inspires young people, including many Glasgow students to pursue their dreams and to not be put down by their differences, but to be empowered by them. She helps us all believe that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of faith, you can see yourself as the future of our country.





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