Glasgow Celebrates Pi Day


By: Raine Jeff

March 12, 2021

Pi day is celebrated every year on March 14 and honors the digits of pi. Pi (3.14159265359…)  is a Greek letter (π) used in math to figure out the circumference over diameter of a circle. says that pi day was created back in 1988 by a physicist. March 14th, which is Albert Einstein’s birthday, when numerically lined up is 3.14 so it perfectly fits the first digits of pi. Pi day is a day where people can eat pie, talk about math, and boast their extensive knowledge of the digits of pi (which are infinite).

The majority of students (who filled out the form) do not celebrate pi day. Of those who do, here are some of the things they have done:

  • “We have made cookies in previous years with pie digits on them,” says Brooke Ehmann-Jones (She/Her/Hers).
  • “I have pi digit competitions with my siblings to see who knows more,” says Diana Prudius (She/Her/Hers).
  • “I make pi-related jokes all day (mostly because it annoys my brothers),” says Gavin Tilock (He/Him/His).
  • “I memorized like 50 digits of the pi song in 5th grade,” says Maclain Monsky (She/Her/Hers).

Pi song from a fellow student:


Pi day is a fun day to celebrate math, pie, and numbers. Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s important to remember how far math has come and the daily importance it has. The next time you use pi in a math equation, remember how fun it can be!