Glasgow Celebrates Women’s History Month By Spotlighting Maya Angelou


For Women history Month we are celebrating all women from around the world, and women from history who have made a difference in our community.  In honor of that, we are celebrating someone from history, an author, poet and a civil rights activist: Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis Missouri. Her parents divorced when she was 3 years old, and after that, she and her brother went to live with their grandparents in Stamps, Arkansas.  At age 8, Maya Angleou was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, she spoke up and Maya Angeleou uncles almost kicked the boyfriend to death. Ever since that event, she decided to keep silent for 5 whole years because the last time she said something it ended up killing someone.

In 1959, Maya Angelou moved to New York, where she became involved with the Civil Rights Movement. She became friends with  writers. Maya Angelou traveled around the world with her son she had at 16 years old,\ while leaving to go to Ghana, they got into a car accident where her son was injured badly, She came back to the U.S. and started publishing her autobiography. I know why the caged bird sings. 

Maya Angleou is an inspiration to all the young girls and boys in Glasgow Middle School in many different ways.

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