Glasgow Gamers Celebrate Mario Day

Looking Back at Mario’s Best Games

Glasgow Gamers Celebrate Mario Day

Video games are some of the most popular forms of entertainment with our Glasgow students. Almost everyone can say that they’ve played some form of video game from Snake game to Minecraft! All of the modern day video games can say they took some inspiration from Super Mario, and March 10th is marked Mario day! Why March 10th? Well, the short version answer is, MAR10, is Mario! To celebrate, here is a look at some of the very best Super Mario games to date. As Mario says, let’s-a-go!

 Super Mario World

You don’t have to be a Mario fan to enjoy this game. Super Mario World was released in August 1991 in the US, and is still beloved by gamers all over the world! This game is not only considered the best 2D Mario game, but often one of the greatest video games ever, and for good reason. The game has seamless level design, addictive gameplay, and you can even ride a dinosaur, Yoshi! Luckily, Nintendo fans can play the game on many consoles including the newest Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Galaxy 

If you ask anybody who played Super Mario Galaxy what their favorite video game is, there’s a good chance this is. Everything that makes Mario so enjoyable is in this game, and get this — it’s set in space! This game is incredible! The graphics are beautiful, the level design is better than ever, and the music is completely orchestrated! Better yet, this game even has a sequel called Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is considered just as good! This is one of the most cinematic and enjoyable Mario games yet, and if you’re a gamer that hasn’t played this, you’re definitely missing out.

Super Mario Odyssey

Just when everyone thought there’d never be a game as good as the Galaxy games, in 2017, Nintendo released Super Mario Odyssey! Most people can decide whether Galaxy or Odyssey is the better game, so it’s really up to you to decide! Do you prefer jumping through space, and exploring mysterious planets? Or, do you prefer modern, beautiful landscapes full of places to explore? Either way, Odyssey is an absolute must play for Nintendo Switch owners! The graphics are absolutely amazing, Mario feels better to control than ever, and he even has a new partner, Cappy, which when thrown at enemies, gives him the ability to take control of his enemies! You can even control a T-Rex in this game! The stats speak for themselves; this game has sold over 20 million copies, making it one of the best selling games on the Switch!

It’s impossible to ignore Mario’s impact on the gaming industry. 1985’s Super Mario Bros. was released in a crashing video game market, and completely saved the market! Without it, it’s safe to say video games wouldn’t have been nearly as popular as they are today! Happy Mario Day!