How to Celebrate These Lesser Known November Celebrations!


By Isabella Pikner

November 29, 2021

Feel like November is bleak? Need a celebration to help brighten your day? Well, luckily for you, there’s a ton of lesser-known celebrations that you can participate in!

1. National Gratitude Month

November is also national gratitude month! Gratitude is so important to celebrate each and every day, but now is a better time than ever to celebrate. Gratitude can be shown in a variety of ways, from simply thanking your teachers or friends, to writing it down in a journal. If you don’t know how to celebrate, you could try writing thank you cards to teachers, bus drivers, janitors, or cafeteria staff. You could also talk or write about what you are thankful for with your friends or even just thank someone for being in your life! An 8th grader, Ayesha Gulzar says, “Gratitude is really important because it helps you appreciate the little things in life, puts life into perspective, and helps you see the things you love in a different way and minimizes the things that are not enjoyable.” 

2. National Novel Writing Month

Want to write a novel? Here’s your chance! Celebrate  National Novel Writing month by creating your very own novel! You can create anything you want, just be creative! If you have some free time this month, try killing some time by coming up with ideas or writing a novel to celebrate! Writing is so important because it can help develop skills like time management, and it broadens your vocabulary and knowledge. Who knows, you might just write the next Harry Potter! Give novel writing a try this month!

3. National Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Have a hidden talent? Maybe a quirk that you hide? Well, hide no longer! This month celebrates National Celebrate your Unique Talent Day on the 24th of November! It’s incredibly important to celebrate your uniqueness because every single person is different, and that’s what makes us human! If you  want to show your friend a cool trick or just be proud that you stand out, celebrate your uniqueness on this day!