Black History Month Spotlight: Langston Hughes


Saron Amdemeskel

February 8, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, Glasgow Students celebrate people who have impacted the world in which we live.  Spotlight #1 is Langston Hughes, a famous poet.

James Mercer Langston Hughes was an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist. Langston Hughes was also known as a leader of the Harlem Renaissance. Through his works of poetry, novel, plays, and short stories he celebrated African American culture, their love of music, laughter, and language. He taught people about the African American culture and advocated for equality and condemned racism and injustice. He was the first African-American to make his living as a poet. Langston Hughes was an inspiration to many, especially the black community.

Langton Hughes was an important part of history because he wrote about Africcan American culture, teaching and spreading it all over the world. Through his works he encouraged students at Glasgow to fight for equality in the world. He was an inspiration to many, as he was the first African American to make his living as a poet. He motivates people at Glasgow to do what they are passionate about. Langston Hughes pushes people at Glasgow to fight for what they believe and never give up. Even though he died in 1967, he still teaches us to this day.

Here is a poem by Langston Hughes



By Langston Hughes


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.


Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow


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