Mr. Dredge Teaches Glasgow About Pi Day

Mr. Dredge Teaches Glasgow About Pi Day

Today is Pi Day! People around the world celebrate Pi Day on March 14th. The greek letter pi (pronounces pie, like the desert) to represent the number that is multiplied by the diameter of a circle to get a circumference (c=pi*d). The value of pi won’t change because it’s a mathematical constant.This brings many mathematicians on March 14th (3/14) a day that represents the rounded numbers of pi to celebrate this number.

To learn more about Pi Day, Mr.Dredge, a math teacher here at Glasgow told us more! He said, “I think it’s great anytime we can use a mnemonic to help each other think or remember important foundational math concepts. Using March 14th to recognize the abbreviated, or rounded, 3.14 version of pi, is a fun way to get students to recognize this number early on in their math journey.  More importantly is the fact that Pi is the relationship, or ratio, between the circumference of a circle and its diameter; this ratio will always equate to this “magical” and irrational Pi number.  For example, a circle with a circumference of 30cm will have to have a diameter of 9.55cm (rounded to the nearest hundredth), because 30/9.55 is approximately 3.14.”

Some other fun ways that people can celebrate Pi day is by: Searching for “pi” on google which will display a game where it challenges you to try to memorize and type the numbers of pi. You can also try NASA’s challenge problems that can be found on their website! There are multiple ways that Pi Day can be celebrated whether it be eating a slice of pie, or solving problems. Share with us how you celebrate Pi Day!

Links to Fun Pi Activities for Pi Day: