Ramadan at Glasgow


By: Ayesha Gulzar and Safa Touri

April 21, 2021

On April 13th, Muslims around the globe began to fast from dawn to sunset for 29-30 days in observance of the Islamic month of Ramadan. Fasting, or refraining from eating or drinking, is a period in which Muslims learn to be patient and compassionate towards those who aren’t as fortunate as them. 

At Glasgow, Muslim staff and students are excitedly participating in the holy month, as it is a time for them to seek forgiveness from Allah (God) and put more effort into their faith. Along with religious enlightenment and fasting, Muslim staff and students also have various traditions for the month. Many gather with loved ones as well as adorn the house with decorations. Some staff and student traditions are:

  • “I stay away from eating and drinking and spend more of my time reflecting on my actions.” 

– Mr. ElTahir (Arabic Teacher)

  • “I do my best to abstain from bad language and doing bad things during this month.”

-Sameer Ahmed (8th Grade)

  • “We cook more traditional food.” 

– Eshak Akrache (8th Grade)

  • “We decorate the house and stay up the day before Ramadan.”

-Murram Hamad

For all staff and students, it is vital to stay supportive of those who observe Ramadan. Simply acknowledging and wishing a Ramadan Mubarak/Kareem (a happy Ramadan) lets students know that you are there for them, fostering a welcoming environment in all classrooms. In addition, be mindful that it can be difficult for some Muslim students to concentrate/do their assignments due to fasting, so please be willing to be flexible and understanding.

Be open-minded and educate yourself, for learning about other religions and cultures has the power to bring people together, forming a long-standing friendship and understanding between many!