SGA Officers Share their Future Glasgow Goals


As we all may know, there was an election for the Student Government Association (SGA) officers a few weeks ago. Students at Glasgow voted on who they believed would be the best choice for a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. The students voted on February 11th after watching videos of them explaining why they would be a good representative for Glasgow.  

Congratulations to our newly elected SGA officials for collecting the student body’s votes and winning the elections. Our new President is Nathan Tran, our Vice President is Carlin Adjula, our Secretary is Rania Seid, our Historian is Melek Eid, and our Treasurer is Joan Davis. 

Vice President Carlin says, “I’ll be a good representative because I’m in school. What I mean by that is I constantly observe students during the school [day] and see what could be more enjoyable for them.” She also had mentioned that they plan on not only assisting our SGA President, Nathan Tran in making decisions but also making sure that the students at Glasgow feel safe. 

The SGA Secretary, Rania, said that one of her goals as a secretary will be to provide more community service opportunities within Glasgow’s community. Along with that, she said, “An idea that I have is getting students reasonable requests. There would be one request per class with the class voting on what rule they’d like to see.” 

The SGA treasurer, Joan, said that one of their goals is to host more fundraisers and events for Glasgow, and also that they believe that they are a good representative because, “[I am] very responsible with money and I love math! I am also nice, and I work well with people.”

SGA representatives have the responsibility of making sure that Glasgow not only is a safe and welcoming community for our students and teachers but also, making sure it is an enjoyable place for everyone.