Students Give Advice for Halloween Safety


Imagery by Natalie Ponciano

By Bisma Aftab and Natalie Ponciano

October 31, 2021

This year especially, Halloween is more unsafe than ever before. On the 31st of October, many people are going to go trick or treating at night. This means the chances of something happening to you are higher because this Halloween is going on during a pandemic. We still need to take necessary safety precautions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Some of the most common injuries from previous years are kidnapping, allergic reactions, getting hit by cars, or getting lost.

A poll was out to the students of Glasgow, where 38.1% said they are going trick-or-treating, 34.7% said they don’t know and 27.2% said they are not going trick-or-treating. We interviewed an 8th grader at Glasgow who is going trick-or-treating this year. She responded by saying, “I’m not sure if any of my friends’ parents are coming, but there are probably going to be at least 10 people with us, so we should be pretty safe. My advice to the people that are going trick or treating is to go with a group of friends that you trust, and don’t go alone. Going with friends you don’t trust can be dangerous because they could do anything to you, such as ditching you and leaving you alone. Being alone can be very dangerous because it’s going to be late at night, all dark, and you really don’t know who is behind all the costumes.”

Remember that it is really dark, so either wear a bright costume with a bright bag for your candy or place reflective tape on your costume/bag so that people are aware of you. Be aware of where you are, and where your group is, set a time to come back home, and don’t suppress that time. Also, don’t forget if you are wearing makeup/face paint, test if it irritates your skin, as well as wash it off before you go to sleep. Last, but not least, don’t forget to follow basic Covid procedures as to not spread or catch Covid!