Teachers Excitedly Prepare for Winter Break Amid Stressful School Year


Students might be surprised to hear that teachers are looking forward to Winter break even more than students are. Winter break starts on December 20th, and teachers can’t wait. This has been an extremely stressful year for teachers and students alike. Most teachers are looking forward to winter break because they want to calm down and reset for the new year.

According to a recent google form sent out to Glasgow teachers, around 83% are super excited for Winter break. Ms. Sabol, an eighth grade Civics teacher, says, “My winter break is usually filled with a lot of family time and relaxation, which I definitely need. My wife is also a teacher, so we are lucky and get to spend two weeks together off work which is just really nice!” Along with spending time with loved ones, some teachers can’t wait to travel. However, there are many concerns about the new COVID variant. Ms. Gorman, an ESOL teacher, says, “I bought plane tickets for me, my husband, and son to go to Canada [where I’m from] but I’m thinking of cancelling because of the Omicron variant. For months I was so excited to see my family but now I’m disappointed. I’m still happy to have a break though.”  

Teachers have lives of their own, and it’s clear this year has been taking its toll. Ms. Campbell, a personal development teacher, shared her own experience this school year and said, “on a [stress] scale from 1 – 10, I’ll say it’s a 20.  It’s been very stressful.  I lost my father this year so the holidays have been kind of hard.  Also, there’s a lot of things I am dealing with at school – paperwork, grades, IEPs, communicating with parents.  I know these are the basics of the profession, but it’s super overwhelming this year.” Ms. Gamboa, an eighth grade science teacher, added, “It’s been pretty rough. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s getting harder and harder every day. I’m grateful that break is coming.” 

Teachers, make sure that you take a break from work. You have two weeks, so make the most out of it. Get some sleep, spend time with your family, and relax. You have been working hard, especially this year, and you deserve a break! Thank you for everything you do!