Trick or Treating. Is it Gone This Year?


By: Nahom Daniel
October 30, 2020

Thousands of students may be disappointed this weekend when their Halloween traditions are stolen from them. Glasgow students and others everywhere may not be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to the COVID-19 virus. Even those that take a risk may be disappointed when safety precautions trump their fun. Trick or treating isn’t the only thing being jeopardized. A lot of people are tempted to risk their lives for candy, but is it really worth it?

Two eighth graders were interviewed about whether or not they were going trick or treating. When asked why they decided to go trick or treating, one said that they think it will be okay if they wear a mask. They also added that in the sense of a crisis, kids will be more used to wearing masks. The other said that it’s fun to pick out a costume and go out with friends, and since she’ll be going to high school next year, trick or treating won’t be as much of a norm for their age. Another question that was asked is what concerns they had. The first eighth grader said that they’re concerned about people who don’t wear masks. When asked what they would do about that, they said they’d try not to come in contact with them and walk away. The second eighth grader said they didn’t have as many concerns because they are outside so it is less secluded, and they’re less likely to get infected.

Halloween is a staple holiday, and although you heard from some who said they were going, there are a lot of people who aren’t. There are places people go yearly. Maybe a haunted house, or a costume party. But there are safe alternatives you can partake in, like carving a pumpkin, decorating your house, and hosting a virtual costume contest! Covid rates are a lot more stable than they used to be but it could still be a risk, so the safer, the better.

A recent poll showed 51.9% of people aren’t going, 8.2% of people are going, and 39.9% of people still aren’t sure. It seems that there are a small amount of people going this year. In a poll, when asked about what some safety measures they could take, the most common response was to wear a face mask. Another popular thing people said was social distancing. But, no matter whether you go or not, please stay safe!