Winter Fashion: Students Share Their Top 7 Tips to Look Fashionable During Winter


When most people think of winter clothing, they think of comfort, but how can you still look fashionable this winter? Well, in this article students will give you some ideas of outfits you can wear this winter to stay comfortable but still look good. 

Layering is great for fall and winter. There are so many ways you can layer so here are two great ideas if you are stuck. A way you can layer is by wearing a long sleeved shirt then wearing a short sleeved shirt on top. You could also put collared shirts under a sweater or other shirt. This is great because you can wear some of your summer clothes in the colder weather.

Sweater vests are perfect for winter because they are really easy to style and trendy, but you won’t get very hot in them. They are also sold in many patterns and colors. Diana Prudius, an 8th grader here at Glasgow, said”, “I love sweater weather!”

Flannels are great because they go with almost anything. You can style flannels to match any style”,” and you can find them in basically every color. They also keep you warm while looking good.

Jean jackets can be found in many styles and can match many outfits and color schemes. Jean jackets can be customized to match your style better. You can customize your jackets by putting patches and pins on them. They are really fun to customize and they work with anything.

Cardigans are great because you don’t have to show that much skin. Also, they are really good for when it is cooler outside and that is what the temperature is usually like at the beginning of winter. These cardigans can also be found in many textures, styles, and colors. Nathan Tran, an 8th grader said”, “I love dressing for the winter, especially in baggy”,” chunky cardigans.” 

Plaids and checkered patterns are good because they are so versatile and straightforward. It adds a special touch you can’t get from any other piece of clothing, and the pattern doesn’t clash with many other things, giving fall and winter vibes.

Jewelry is an interesting touch to add to your outfits because it can really glamorize your outfit and it can make your outfit look more unique. .You can also wear different types of jewelry, like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings”,” and many more. Gold jewelry gives more of a fall vibe with its warmer tones while silver jewelry is great for winter with its cool tones. However, feel free to play around with it!

Hopefully, this article gives you some inspiration and helps you make the most of this winter season!