Does Your Zodiac Sign Match Your Personality?


By Nahom Daniel
December 11, 2020

Many don’t know this but zodiac signs represent who you are, your personality, and who you match best with. Everyone has a zodiac sign whether you believe in it or not. The word can be translated to the “Wheel of Life”. It is hard to tell if zodiac signs really define you. Zodiac signs are based on your date of birth and there are 12 different ones, all being very different. Two people will be interviewed to see if they have the same personality traits as their signs.

Each interviewee was asked to scale their zodiac signs personality from 0 to 10. So if their zodiac sign were to be loyal, they would rate how loyal they are. They were also asked to give a sentence explaining your personality.

The first interviewee was Adam Yimer Wolle whose zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancers are said to be people who tend to not look at the present, but more into their future and past. When asked about his personality he said “ I think of myself as a unique person but also a silly one.” Some strengths of Cancers and how Adam would rate them are sentimental (6), motherly (4), and a family person (9). Some of the weaknesses are crabby/moody (7), sensitive (3), and clingy (4). From this, you can tell that he has very few traits of Cancer but not all of them.



The next interviewee was Mia Andonegui, and she is a Pisces. Pisces are people who are big dreamers and are people you can’t slow down once they find something they really want to do. Mia says “I’m very energetic, and annoying”. Pisces traits, and how Mia rates them are: supportive (7), spiritual (3), and accepting (8). Some weaknesses are absent-minded (7), gullible (5), and dramatic (6). Same with Adam, Mia has some Pisces traits but isn’t a full Pisces.



That was all, and as you can see the two people interviewed were pretty related to their zodiac sign. A recent poll showed that 19% of Glasgow students didn’t know their zodiac signs. Well what do you think, do you match with your zodiac sign?

Thanks to Maclain Monsky for the hand drawn art

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