Glasgow Shares Thoughts on Wordle

Glasgow Shares Thoughts on Wordle

Wordle, a new word game published and owned by the New York Times since 2022, has become a favorite around the world and at Glasgow. Whether it is used to test cognitive abilities or compete with friends in literary skills, Wordle has become popular with both  students and teachers. 

Wordle is an online game where one has six chances to guess a hidden five-letter word. Each time someone guesses a word, the game will show them which letters are used or not used in the word. One uses these clues to deduce what the word is. The goal of the game is to find out the hidden word in the fewest guesses possible.

Molly Raiden, an 8th grader at Glasgow thinks that, “Wordle can be a challenging game, but it tends to become repetitive unless you do it with a friend. One thing I dislike about Wordle is the culture built around it; when it was more popular, people discussing it were really negative about their inability to solve the puzzle and about other people’s inability to do the same. All in all, though, Wordle is a nice tool to take a break with.” 

Ms. Sabol, an 8th grade Civics teacher at Glasgow agrees that Wordle is nice to take a break with. She says that, “Wordle is a fun word game and a great way to exercise your mind! I don’t play it regularly, but when I do, I always get competitive with my friends as to how many tries it takes me.” She also points out that Wordle helps you expand your vocabulary. 

8th grader Mayeda Alom shares, “I like how easy it is to understand. Though I didn’t get it at first, I really like how it uses bright colors and has a keyboard in front of you, so you can see exactly what you guessed.”

Though it may be challenging, Wordle is a game anyone can play if they put their mind to it. It is a great way to exercise your mind, take a break, and even do it with friends, as Glasgow’s students and staff have already begun to do.