Glasgow Favorite Football Team


By Gavin Tilock and Boisseau Woltz
December 11, 2020

There are a lot of teams in the NFL (National football league), but what is Glasgow’s favorite one? That is what this is about. This is an article that will answer that question and more. We sent a form that asked students what their favorite team was, and the favorite team at Glasgow is the Washington football team, formerly known as the Washington redskins. As opposed to the average middle schoolers favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys.

But the majority of Glasgow doesn’t watch the NFL often and even more don’t have a favorite team. So how many people actually watch the NFL?


According to the survey the percentage of people who actually watch the NFL at Glasgow is 3.7%. That isn’t really a lot. Glasgow isn’t really into the NFL according to the survey. 54% of the people at Glasgow never watch the NFL, which is a lot compared to the people who follow, it is over 14 times the amount. It is so surprising because 73% of American men and 55% of American women watch NFL games regularly. You would think some students would take after their parents, but that is not the case at all.

After looking at the responses from the form, we notice that most students at Glasgow aren’t big football fans. Most of the students said that they never watch the NFL and that they don’t have a favorite team. That is what Glasgow thinks about the NFL.