Is it safe to start high school sports?


By: Gavin Tilock



As COVID-19 is dying down and things are starting to open up again, people are worrying about opening schools, thinking that it will raise the number of COVID-19 cases. However,schools have already made plans to open some sports back up and people are left thinking, is this safe? After sending out a form to ask Glasgow students their opinions, the results ended up in a tie .Half of Glasgow says it’s safe and the other half of Glasgow says it’s not.

Some students are making the argument that sports have close contact that can’t be avoided and that no matter what precautions you take the virus will still spread. Others think that it’s safe and that if there aren’t that many people and everyone is wearing a mask, they will be safe. There is no sure way to tell if people will be safe during high school sports. We can only watch and wait.