Robinson Cano Suspended From 2021 Season


By: Chloe Kowalczyk
November 20, 2020

Robinson Cano, the New York Mets second baseman, is suspended from the 2021 MLB season. Robinson is suspended because of a violation of performance-enhanced drug use. This time, Robinson was using Stanozolol, a testosterone derived performance-enhancing drug. Stanozolol is banned from the U.S market and is also banned from use by the International Olympic Committee.

In 2020-2021 Cano is now facing a 162 game suspension along with the forfeiture of his 24 million dollar salary. Cano is involved in a contract with the Seattle Mariners so the Mariners will be paying 7.5 million down of the 24 million. Cano will be missing the 2021 MLB season.

Cano had his debut on the New York Yankees and then got traded to the mariners. Sadly, this is not Robinson’s first time being caught with PED violations. In 2018 when Cano was playing for the Seattle mariners, he used a diuretic and tested positive for the PED test. The main influence for use of performance-enhanced drugs is self-esteem based or influence from others.

There is no sure reason why Cano would ravage his career, but his team does have something to say about it. President Sally Anderson announces, “We were extremely disappointed to be informed about Robinson’s suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program,” he says. “The violation is very unfortunate for him, the organization, our fans, and the sport. The Mets fully support MLB’s efforts toward eliminating performance-enhancing substances from the game.”