Sports During COVID-19: How It’s Affected Glasgow


By: Gavin Tilock
October 30, 2020

COVID-19 took a lot from us. One of the things that it took was sports. Sports were thriving in the Glasgow community before COVID-19. During quarantine, a lot of us stopped and thought about school, work, and other things. In the midst of this sports slowly disappeared. It is hard to think about sports when there is a global pandemic. When we started getting settled some people started playing sports again, but with a lot of changes.

Some people are still playing sports, but it isn’t the same. There are special rules that leagues put in to prevent COVID-19. Some examples are wearing masks, social distancing, taking away locker rooms/dugouts access, and more. Other than safety, restrictions like these are also keeping people from playing. A lot of people are still playing through all of these issues because they love to play sports. But these reasons took a lot of people away from sports.

There are a lot of people who left due to COVID-19 and safety restrictions. Around 190 students answered a form that shows just how the sports community was affected.

More than half of the people who played sports before COVID-19 are not playing now. It was surprising that so many people stopped playing sports due to COVID-19.

As you can see, Glasgow’s sports community took a big hit from COVID-19. More than half of the people who were playing sports don’t anymore. Sports are coming back from COVID-19. We can try to slowly get back to normal. Normal means with sports. Sports are a part of Glasgow that we can get back. Let’s get back sports!