A Country at a Crossroads

A Country at a Crossroads

By N. Kenzi (Guest Writer)
November 6, 2020

The country is at a dangerous crossroads and the damage is great. The past 4 years have been catastrophic at best and it has come to the time where the nation can choose greatness or disaster. Election Day is well known for being a tense and vital part of America’s democracy and balance. In 2020, this election is especially important since it could influence the success of this nation greatly. The two candidates, Donald J. Trump of the Republican Party and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party are currently butting heads intensely as reds and blues start forming across the states.

If I could have voted this year, I most definitely would vote for Joe Biden. He is our hope for the future, and without him and Senator Kamala Harris leading our country for the next 4 years, the nation will turn into shambles. He is both experienced and fit for the job. He believes in equality and he believes in science. He is not the best candidate that there is, but compared to the other option, he is incredible. I understand he has made mistakes in his life, but we all have, so who’s to judge? I have clear examples of his fitness for the job. For example, back when President Barack Obama was leading, Biden was working under him as the Vice President and his success in the position leads me to know that he will be fit for the responsibility of leading this nation to see better days.

At this very moment, America feels unsafe and unstable. Personally, I would rather not be here, considering I am a part of the minority and that my rights are constantly being challenged in the Supreme Court. It feels like a very dangerous game, living in the US while the election is going on and while white superemicist riots are blooming all over America due to Bidens lead in electoral votes. Today’s leaders are unfit and biased. They are prejudiced and most of them do not understand the separation between church and state. A good example of this is the new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett. She is not only against same sex marriage and womens autonomy rights, but she is also unable to list the 5 rights of the first amendment to the Constitution. She is unfit for the position and I am confident that she will be unable to fill the shoes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; may her memory rest in peace. Amy Coney Barrett is a perfect example of how the choosing of government officials can be biased and how their judgement can very much be incorrect.

Although this nation has seen better days, I have full hope that someday this country will be able to rise once more in the face of hate and danger, and shine once more as a democracy. I believe that the events of the past 4 years have been destructive, careless, and painful to watch, but I have hope that someday this will be in the past. I understand that the older generations have set the path for the younger generations, but I believe that we will create better paths in the future and we will create a healthier nation. So in the name of democracy, we will wait, and hopefully the results of this election will come back, drenched in blue.