Reasons People Vote for Trump, and Why the Election is Still Undecided

Reasons People Vote for Trump, and Why the Election is Still Undecided

Anonymous 8th Grade Writer
November 6, 2020

In a Glasgow survey, over 90% of students chose that they would vote for Joe Biden. Considering that the national popular vote is rather split, I can conclude that this is a heavily Democratic area. I have seen many comments in my BBCU classes that ask why people still vote for Trump. This leads me to believe that people do not look past our current president’s questionable statements and views on certain rights, as well as him having trouble handling the pandemic. No other country in the world has handled the pandemic well either. Here you will see the positive things that President Trump has done for our country. All of which are based entirely on statistics.

First of all, according to Statistica, President Trump has created 7 million jobs in the United States in the last 3 and a half years. Remarkably, despite COVID-19, about 1.2 million more people are employed in 2020 then in 2019. He has also created 500,000 manufacturing jobs, which is the production of products for use or sale, and is basically the essence of secondary industry.

Unemployment is very low in the United States right now. There is the lowest unemployment since 1969. Joe Biden wants to lower global warming and limit negative environmental changes. In itself, this is great, but as a result this could leave millions of Americans without a job. This includes people who have jobs in factories, as well as people with jobs in the oil and fracking industry. That alone makes many Americans favor Trump.

Another reason why people may vote for Trump is because of the lower taxes and insurance costs. This helps many middle-class families save thousands of dollars, and not have to pay half of their hard-earned money to the government. It also allows people to have more control over their own lives. Here is an example of how insurance costing less has increased the number of insured people in the United States.


This is an unbelievably eye-opening statistic. This is a gamechanger for many people who are struggling financially, as they can have more money in their pockets and still be insured.

Trump’s forte however, is in the economy. According to many sites, including The World Bank, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has gone up by 2.7 trillion dollars in only one year. This has never been matched by any other president. You also have to take COVID-19 into consideration, which took a great toll on the economy, but somehow, it still rebounded. Here is a chart showing the GDP rise over the last decade (in trillions).

A good economy leads to higher average incomes. Economic growth enables consumers to have more goods, services, and enjoy better standards of living. Economic growth is also a major factor in reducing absolute levels of poverty, and enabling a rise in life expectancy. President Trump’s role in making the economy better has arguably earned him the most supporters.

Some other things Trump has done that has earned him votes are giving 700 billion dollars to rebuild the military, which is the most since 2013. He has created 3 Middle East peace deals between Israel and Bahrain, Israel and the U.A.E., and between Israel and Sudan. On the international stage, Donald Trump’s policies strengthen the United States position, and he has made us more independent from China by not entirely relying on them to make all of the products used in the United States.

As you can see, there are many great things that Donald Trump has done in the United States, but they are undermined by what he says. There is a reason why the election is as close as it is. Joe Biden is not the best president for all American people. You must look past some of the current president’s questionable statements to see all of the good he has done in this country. I hope this article has helped you see why Biden has not cruised to victory, like many polls predicted he would.