STEM: Are We Doing Enough?

STEM: Are We Doing Enough?

By: Ledesi Nkpigi
November 6, 2020

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics; STEM. At Glasgow, we have some who think that we are doing enough. Some want the school to be more centered around STEM. What does the school do during a pandemic to meet the in-between of students?

Now before we meet with students we have to meet with the expert, Mr. Perella. He has been teaching in FCPS for 28 years now and it’s his 22nd year at Glasgow. He teaches many STEM based classes and clubs. This is what he has to say: ”You can even incorporate STEM in an English class. A lot of our infrastructure comes from STEM.” But what do students think?

One student says, “What should be changed? Well, we are spending way too much money on useless garbage like drama, or other stuff. We should be directing our efforts to the future, STEM, IT, Medicals, etc… Who cares about stupid choir or that other dumb stuff. It’s a huge waste of time and money. Don’t even get me started on art class. People can always make their ‘pretty princess drawings’, at home.” As you can see, this comment is very narrow and seems really insulting. This is just one comment, so let’s look at what the majority thinks.

We see a big chunk of the people want some change. A smaller percent thinks it should stay the same. Well who is right? Is there one way to do STEM? Well it’s all up to Glasgow.