December 2021: Kim Marin 


Kim Marin is an 8th grade Civics teacher. She’s from Virginia, and went to high school in this area as well. She studied journalism during college and always wanted to be a journalist. After college she worked as a journalist and covered ‘anything under the sun’. Throughout her years as a journalist though, she always thought that it would be fun to be a teacher. 

During one of her jobs, there was a local school district that had recently cut their journalism program. Because of this, she and one of her friends created a page on the regular newspaper for the students to manage and create articles on. About once a month, Ms. Marin and her friend taught the students about journalism and the process. Throughout this process, she realized that she adored teaching. 

She began the process of getting the needed qualifications to be a teacher during COVID, but this is her very first year as a teacher. In her words, “An obvious question is, ‘You did all this journalism, why would you wanna teach?’ You know for me, I just feel like journalism is under threat, right now. The art and the science of journalism and I feel like there’s just a lot of things about our government that I think people don’t fully understand, and so if I can be part of educating people, that’s what I want to do.” 

Overall, Ms. Marin has always been dedicated to helping people be educated. She’s a hardworking and devoted teacher, and her experience in journalism has helped her add variation and a new perspective with teaching.