February 2021: Lycurgus Lines


By, Dorian Horvat

February 23, 2021

Lycurgus Lines is a teacher of technology & engineering at Glasgow Middle School and has been teaching for a whopping 29 years, each year spent at Glasgow! 

Before he decided to become a teacher, he did an architectural drawing. Soon, all of the materials for drawing, pencils and drawing boards, were replaced with several bulky computers. Mr. Lines wasn’t very fond of the heavy use of computers. He almost had a degree in his job that changed so much in such a short time. Still, Mr. Lines didn’t want to draw with computers for a living. He spoke with the counselor, and that’s where he got the concept of becoming an industrial arts teacher, or at least that’s what they called it then. That is how Mr. Lines started his teaching career! 

Mr. Lines believes that the best way for his students to learn is through activity-based projects. He says he learned best when physically moving around, so he has his kids “do things”. It’s even harder for Mr. Lines to teach students in this way due to the troubles with distance learning. 

“Unfortunately, some kids probably don’t even have a pair of scissors at home. So the biggest challenge is coming up with something they can make out of something like a cereal box, with a pair of scissors and some tape. Because I can’t provide every single kid with a packet of materials like I would in school,” says the engineering teacher.

Distance learning is all about using technology, and Mr. Lines is simply not the type of person to sit at home all day, using a computer. 

“I’d rather be hammering on a piece of wood,” he says. Even back when school was in-person, technology played a vital role, but Mr. Lines says he avoided it. Of course, he knew how to 3D print models; use a computer numerical milling machine; and more, since he learned that in college; but he preferred the “classic” teaching method.

“One day, we had to do a Peardeck for FIT class, and I’m like ‘Oh man, my poor FIT kids are probably having a fit because I don’t know how the app works,’” he states. 

Even though he has trouble using technology in his teaching, he still always charms his students and always manages to make them laugh, or at least put a “lol” in the BBCU chat. 

“I’ve had 29 years of experience on what kids think is funny because they are different from adults. The adults won’t laugh about the stuff that the kids will. I wasn’t always this funny, I used to try to be serious, but over the years I learned certain things that kids will laugh at. It makes class more fun,” he says. 

Mr. Lines loves teaching at Glasgow! That’s quite evident by now, as he wouldn’t have stayed at the school this long. He had the chance to move schools many times, but one of the reasons he chose to stay was because he relishes the diversity of the students at Glasgow. He says he really enjoys hearing the stories of student’s families, where they came from, and the reason they’re here in Virginia.

Mr. Lines loves fishing, hiking, skiing, and just about anything else related to being outside.

Mr. Lines is an amazing teacher, who always brings out the best in students and can always put a smile on our faces. Even with the challenges of virtual school, he is trying to adapt the best he can and create a fun and engaging class. Thank you for all you do!