June Panther Spotlight: Caitlin Gorman 

June Panther Spotlight: Caitlin Gorman 

This month’s Panther Spotlight goes to Caitlin Gorman!  Ms. Gorman is an English teacher for all grade levels here at Glasgow Middle School.  She studied English at Brock University, near Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  Ms. Gorman has been teaching English (ESOL) for 8 years now and has loved every moment of it.  

Before Ms. Gorman came to teach here at Glasgow, she knew she wanted to fulfill her dream of traveling the world.  “It seemed natural to teach English abroad. I moved to South Korea where I lived and taught for 4 years. I loved it so much and made life-long friendships and memories there.” Ms. Gorman has many great memories of Glasgow, which she loves.  When we asked her what her favorite memory was here at Glasgow, she said that every little moment she has with her students is special to her. When we asked her what was a specific moment that she cherishes, she said it would be her birthday.  The first year Ms. Gorman taught here, “Ms. Rodgers and a bunch of my students came into my class and very enthusiastically sang me happy birthday.” This year for Ms. Gorman’s birthday, “Ms. Reyes came in with about 50 hand-made cards from my students. The kind words, details, and time they put into the cards was truly heartwarming.”

All and all, Ms. Gorman is a wonderful teacher, and she is greatly appreciated by her students.