March Panther Spotlight: Daniel Cho

March Panther Spotlight: Daniel Cho

The Panther Post is back with a new monthly Panther Nomination, and this month’s Panther Spotlight goes to Mr. Daniel Cho! Mr. Cho is a 7th grade math teacher here at Glasgow Middle School. This is Mr. Cho’s first year teaching at Glasgow. He taught in Richmond, Virginia  for 3 years before deciding to transfer to Glasgow Middle School.

Mr. Cho was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.  He then moved to America when he was 10 years old. Moving to America was really hard for him as he had difficulties due to the language barrier, cultural differences, and even social interaction.

Mr. Cho had a lot of good things to say about Glasgow even though it was his first year. He said at first he was a little nervous and intimidated due to the size and number of students that he  would experience and meet. He didn’t overall fall in love with this school until his students gave their best in their education. He knew that from the pandemic years many students weren’t given the best education. This caused many teachers to be worried whether or not they would be able to bridge the gap that their students missed during this period. It means a lot to Mr. Cho to see that his students have trust and faith in him, whether it be helping them become a better student or giving their best. 

When asked how he thinks he’s a big influence towards his students, he stated, “I would kind of say influence is a very, very big word. I can somehow relate to each one of my students in a different way. I think one of the things that I really, really have is understanding how they feel or what it’s like to be in middle school.” He later went on to say he could understand the stress students go through especially with socials, academics, and extracurricular activities. To add on to what he said, he then expressed, “I think for me, knowing that I was once a middle school student just like them and have compassion and a little bit of positive energy. I think students really see that and they really strive to be a good student.”

When we asked how he manages his outside life with school and academics he said, “I think everyone needs time away from whatever you’re doing to release your stress and have that reset mindset. So, I like to run, eat some good food (I’m a big fast-food guy) and third, I like to binge-watch tv shows and something that’s not school related once I go out.”  

In conclusion, Mr. Cho is a beloved teacher at Glasgow.  Although he’s a new teacher here, he’s committed to what he does and ensuring the best education for every student here at Glasgow.