October 2020: Matthew Bevenour

October 2020: Matthew Bevenour

by Gayda Makki

October 30, 2020

Say hello to Mr. Bevenour, who was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs. This is his first year teaching and also his first year at Glasgow. Mr. Bev is an 8th grade civics teacher, who has a deep passion for not only civics, but also history in general. He has been wanting to become a teacher since he was in middle school! Mr. Bev envied his former teachers and loved their job. He soon realized he wanted to work with students and help them grow and find their way in life, as his teachers did for him. He has a strong desire for teaching people new things.

Mr. Bev would like to continue teaching civics to students, but would also enjoy teaching general history. He’s looking forward to going back to school in a classroom and really interacting with the students, and physically witnessing their growth throughout the year. Building his relationship with students is

his favorite part of being a teacher. He loves the controversial ideas in civics, which is the reason why students would enjoy talking about politics and government. He finds listening to student’s opinions about various political topics very interesting and important when teaching students. “I like to build relationships with students, so I can learn more about them and help them succeed and thrive in whatever aspect in school they’re interested in,” he said. His second profession is a broadcast journalist. If he wasn’t a teacher, even though, thankfully he is, he would be broadcasting sports, as he is a huge sports fanatic.

Mr. Bev is truly hoping that he is making an impact on most of his students, but also came to the conclusion that he might not have an effect on every student he has a pleasure of teaching. “Am I going to make an impact on every student for the rest of my life? Probably not, and that’s a hard thing to swallow as a teacher. But I’m going to do the best I can to make students feel worthy and appreciated,” he said. Mr. Bev is obviously trying his best to make this year a year to remember for all his students.