Dear Riley: Bar-Mitzvah Goodies


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March 1, 2021

Dear Riley,

My bar-mitzvah is coming up, but I don’t know what to give everyone. Normally, people will get something like a shirt or a sweater that’s related to the theme of the party, but I don’t know if a shirt or a sweater is something I should get. Everyone can see what’s on the shirt, but if they didn’t go to the bar mitzvah, they would have no idea what it means. So should I stick with a shirt or a sweater? Or should I get something like socks?


Torn Teenager


Dear Torn Teenager,

Happy almost 13th birthday! You’re soon to be a teenager! Welcome to the club! Now, you are coming of age and get the awesome responsibility of now being forced to give gifts…!

Regarding your query, I think a t-shirt would be the best option because it doesn’t really matter what it says. I mean, who doesn’t like free clothes!? I wish I was coming! You can treat it as a graphic t-shirt. It can have a cool saying that relates to the party (kind of like an inside joke) and you get to make the most of this awesome time! Remember, this is all about you, so don’t sweat it, choose what fits you the best!

Socks are what you get from your parents when you turn 12, not 13. What are you, a house-elf?  If so, then forget it, you definitely should give socks (sorry for my nerdy Harry Potter joke)! Also, you can customize a t-shirt to whatever you like! It can match your vibe, bar mitzvah, etc. All these people are coming to celebrate you, a t-shirt is an awesome party favor! Remember to make it fun… make it fit you! Anyway, mazel tov and enjoy your bar mitzvah!