Caring for Those Who Care: NJHS’s Letters to Nurses

By: Ayesha Gulzar


Since the beginning of the pandemic, healthcare workers have been working around the clock to overcome the COVID-19 virus. As a token of their appreciation, the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) has been writing and sending letters to nurses all over the country to thank them for their hard work. 

For the past couple of weeks, the card-making team spent time creating a google form for the entirety of the NJHS group. After, students were asked to write letters and special messages to people working in the medical field on the front lines. They were also allowed to use different websites to create the letters and put them on a drive. After the letters were written, Mrs. Roberts, the committee advisor, worked on sending the letters to various healthcare workers across the nation. According to Arianne Umacata-Rodas, one of the student committee leaders, “We are doing this because many nurses don’t get credit for what they are doing in our community. We also believe it’s a way to let them know that their job is appreciated.”

So far, the NJHS card making team has sent cards to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the Mission Neighborhood Health Center in San Francisco, the Spa Creek Nursing Home Center, the Navy Corpsman at the Mass Vaccination Center at York College in NYC, INOVA Fairfax, and Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento. With over 40 cards sent out, the NJHS is still diligently working to create more cards to reach larger numbers of front-line workers in order to show appreciation.

Want to participate in showing gratitude to nurses and doctors? Make handwritten cards for the healthcare workers in your area and drop them off or send them to your local hospital. During these trying times, it is best to do as much as we can to lift the spirits of those who are keeping us safe, so take some time to show your appreciation.