Student Government Association at Glasgow Builds Community


By: Riya Vlcan


Glasgow has many different after school clubs, including the Student Government Association (SGA). In this club students of all ages work together and collaborate with each other while having fun! They help the school plan all of the amazing school events, clothing/food drives, spirit days, and more!

In SGA students take charge to help our school and the community around us. Amira Menacer, a 6th grade student in the SGA says she feels it’s a way to be a part of the community while helping it along with others in it. “That’s what the SGA is about: helping others.” she comments. Mr. Perella, one of the SGA teachers, mentions that it really helps to give the students a feel of community service. Not only do students get help out in the community, but they also feel what it’s like to be a leader. 

Mr. Perella says that one reason to be a part of SGA is “to give students an opportunity to be part of the school.” It lets them know what’s going on and see how everything works. “Even if we’re not making big decisions, even if we’re not changing the world, it’s pretty cool to be able to see the process for how things work. That you know it [clothing drives] just doesn’t magically happen that we ‘oh okay let’s have a clothing drive that’ll start tomorrow! Come in tomorrow, bring your clothes,’ and I think the kids that have been working with us, they’re starting to see that it does take planning.” Another thing is that in the SGA, it’s not the teachers who are doing this- it’s the students. “In SGA it’s really like what the students want to happen. ‘Cause like Mr. Perella and Mr. Lines they’re only there to I guess to show us what to do, but it’s really the students’ choice of what happens and how to do those things,” said Nahom Daniel, an 8th grade student. The students take charge and plan the steps to take action for what they want to happen in their community and along the way become student leaders- all while having fun and working as a team.

Mr. Perella states that this isn’t easy for students. It can be hard for students to come to every meeting or devote themselves to SGA. It’s not just that though. He comments saying, “You know, talking to an adult is not easy. Talking to the principal is not easy. And that comes from a teacher, that’s an adult saying that, and the kids saying that.” Additionally, this is all virtual, which just makes it even harder! Now, let’s acknowledge these hard working leaders who are committing themselves to help others even in these difficult times. Thank you so much for everything you do for our school and community and keep up the good work!