Disabilities at Glasgow

Disabilities at Glasgow

By Ledesi Nkpigi

February 2, 2021

Disabilities at Glasgow are more common than you’d think. In a poll, 9 out of 126 students said they have a disability, though there are likely many more who didn’t answer. What are the challenges of being disabled? How does quarantine affect those with disabilities?

We asked students how disabilities impact their learning in quarantine. This is how they felt. “[It] sometimes makes me not get social clues as easily as someone without my condition could and sometimes it’s really hard for me to relax cause I get nervous. [In quarantine] it is actually easier on me because there are fewer people,” Riley Crane said, as a student with high functioning autism. Katherine Rivas Gamez, a student with social anxiety said, “[Quarantine] makes it worse. [In class] I get scared to talk with my mic on.”

When asked what the word disability meant to him, Riley Crane said, “I think it is a word that is not offensive; however, I think some people use it in a way that is different from what it truly means, which is that someone has a condition that causes them to have a harder time doing an activity.” This shows how sometimes people misunderstand disabilities, and how that makes people feel. 

We asked about strategies that help students with their disability. Caroline Allen said, “I try talking to someone and thinking before I act.” Another student, Katherine Rivas Gamez, said breathing and listening to music helps her cope with her social anxiety. According to Teens Health, deep breathing and a good night’s sleep can help with stress and anxiety. In quarantine, students are more prone to stress, so it is important to stay calm. 

The pandemic has had many different impacts on students with disabilities, both good and bad. Some students said that the pandemic made things easier, while other students said the pandemic made it worse. It is important we remember there is a person behind the condition, and make sure that all people can feel welcome at Glasgow.