Good Morning Glasgow Staff Broadcast Amongst Criticism 

Good Morning Glasgow Staff Broadcast Amongst Criticism 

By Ayesha Gulzar and Raine Jeff

November 1, 2021

Glasgow’s news show, Good Morning Glasgow, made its debut on September 27, 2021. It is led by Ms. Grillo and Glasgow’s Media Communications (broadcast) students. The show broadcasts every even day during Panther Time. The broadcast students have been working really hard to bring a news show to the whole school, so let’s see how it’s done!

According to a recent survey, students have mixed feelings about the news show. People have been loving sections such as Powell’s Powerful Words and the lunch menu. Students and teachers alike have also noted that this year’s news show is much more engaging and advanced than in past years. However, the staff has been receiving criticism from students regarding green screen malfunctions and poor audio. Brielle Hunter, a 7th grader on the broadcast team stated, “We’ve all been taking it a little tough… Ms. Grillo has definitely been pushing us to be more positive and not blame each other for technical issues.” Additionally, Carlin Adjula, an 8th-grade broadcaster, responded to the backlash with, “That’s life, not everyone’s going to like what you do.” Luckily, the team is working on fixing the issues.

As the team gets into the groove of recording, they have developed a routine for how they will get everything done. Before anything is recorded, the whole team reads through the script together and then does another run-through using the equipment. During the show, anchors use a teleprompter to remember their lines and focus on being clear and confident. Meanwhile, the students in the control room are working on the camera, switchboard, and playback videos such as the field reports. In the engineering room, students are making sure the audio is satisfactory and are creating/ uploading the upstream slides (green screen backgrounds). Once the show is recorded, students work together to write scripts, create graphics, edit broadcasts, etc. Picture: Starting at the top left going clockwise; team rehearsing, engineering room, anchors recording, control room.

A lot of work goes into getting a show out every other day, so encourage the broadcast team. After all, just like every other class, they’re still learning too!