Students Share Their Opinions on Brain Breaks in Glasgow 


During Panther Time (4th period), Glasgow students and teachers have been going outside for about 20 minutes as a brain break. Outside they are able to get some fresh air and stretch! They have been going to the basketball court, the soccer field, and on the blacktop outside the modulars, near the buses.

When outside, students play a variety of sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and more. Students are also using this time to talk to other students in different classes.

A survey was sent out to students in Glasgow Middle School. 89% of the students had participated in the Brain Breaks, and out of that percentage, 97.3% of students have found these Brain Breaks very helpful. A few of the students had left comments on their opinion regarding the Brain Breaks at Glasgow.

Tricia Pham, a 7th grader in Glasgow Middle School had said, “Brain Breaks give us a chance to rest our mindset, they let us take a break from working hard at school. It makes it easier for us to learn in school by having some time to ourselves to rest and take some time to rethink.”

Charlotte Holbrook, also a 7th grader responds saying, “…that brain breaks really help to calm me, and make sure that I am not overworking myself. This helps me finish more work during the school day.”

Another student, Diana Prudius, an 8th grader, has also responded saying, “Brain Breaks should be longer, going outside is a great way for everyone to calm down and relax for a second.“

Many students have also mentioned that they would like the brain breaks to be longer; they only occur every other day for only 20 minutes.

As a result of this, teachers who have been taking their students outside have asked for some additional equipment for students. They are asking for equipment such as soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs. If you have any available donations, please have them be dropped off at the front office.