Students Showcase What is Special to Them Through Their  Passion Projects


By Kimberly Cruz-Cruz

December 2, 2021

On November 22, 2021, AVID and Strategies for Success students came to the library to present their passion projects. The assignment was to create a presentation board with images and information they had learned about a topic they cared a lot about in two weeks. Then, they presented it to members of the Glasgow community.

Camilla Vardicos, a student who worked on a passion project about Greece, said, “ I chose Greece because it is a place I hope to go to someday, and also because my mom is from Greece.” Other students also related to Camilla in the sense of their project being related to something personal or special to them. Camilla also shared their favorite parts about the project. They mentioned that being able to research was fun, though the presentation was kind of hard to make.

During the passion project presentations, many topics were showcased. A few of them were about Weirdcore, Ethiopian culture, Florida, K-pop, Cars, Culture of Mexico, Vida Boliviana, Pakistan, and many more. Ms. Roddey, an 8th grade English teacher who went to the library for passion project presentations, said that some of her favorite presentations were the ones about countries such as Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Bolivia. She also mentioned that a presentation that caught her eye was the one about Vincent Van Gogh, where she had learned more about his life and his death. 

Here are some photos that were taken  the day of the presentation of the passion projects: