The SGA Restart- Everything You Need to Know

The SGA Restart- Everything You Need to Know

Glasgow’s SGA program started on Thursday, November 18. The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organized group of students making important decisions for our school, and it has many beneficial aspects. The SGA is a creative learning environment, it helps raise environmental leadership & awareness, and it also lets students accomplish their civic duties and give back to the community. The SGA is a very important part of our school community, and a lot of people don’t know what it is!

The teacher who used to sponsor the SGA, Mr. Perella, relocated to a new school in FCPS. An eighth grade student who was the SGA treasurer two years ago, Nathan Tran, wanted to re-start the SGA. He asked Mr. Williams, our after school coordinator, and he agreed to do it. Now, we have found two teacher sponsors, Ms. Domenech and Ms. Fletcher. Mr. Perella was a longtime leader, so it may be a little different with him gone, but it will be nice for someone new to learn the ropes.

Anybody can run for the SGA. If you participate in the SGA after school club frequently, then you will have the opportunity to run for the position of your choice. Every student in SGA will be considered a “student leader”, and student leaders will have the shared responsibility of fulfilling the SGA duties such as raising awareness and planning events. Voting and leadership positions are still being determined.

The SGA meets every Thursday during the academic block, and has a FIT class. If you want to sign up for the SGA, just email Ms. Fletcher ([email protected]) and Ms. Domenech ([email protected]). Ms. Fletcher says that she and Ms. Domenech, “plan to kick start this program to be bigger and better than it has ever been at Glasgow!”