Ahmed Zitour – A Newcomer to Glasgow and the U.S.


By: Rewan Farag

December 7, 2020

Ahmed Zitour, a 6th grader, came to America 3 months ago and has been at Glasgow for 3 weeks now. He is from Morocco and is excited to start his new life in America. He values his education and hopes to accomplish extraordinary things here. When interviewed on his family life in Morocco, he said, “I have two sisters and one brother. My mom and dad passed away 7 years ago. We came here so that we could have a better education.” When asked if he thought that the education here was better and why, he said, “Yes, it’s better. In Morocco, the teachers didn’t care about the students. They were unkind. When you didn’t understand your homework or needed help, they didn’t help you. They just sent people to the principal’s office. Here, they have office hours, email, and things like that. It’s easier to get help.” Education is not the only reason he moved here though. “In Morocco, the virus was everywhere. People did not know how to stop it from being everywhere. Here, it’s better.” When asked about the living conditions between Morocco and America, he said, “The living conditions in America are better than in Morocco.”

In addition to that, Ahmed thought that Glasgow was a great school for him to be in. When asked why he thought that Glasgow was a good school, he replied, “It’s been a good school because I love the teachers. I have Wi-Fi and internet problems, my teachers helped me. They helped me with my links for class, with SIS, with everything. When I need help, they help me right away. They help me with my English a lot.” When asked if he preferred in-person school, he said, “I like in-person school better because in the first days of school, I had to use a lot of links and I only had one link. I had a lot of trouble with them.” It seems as if he had quite a bit of trouble with technology and Wi-Fi, but his teachers helped him with his problems.

He had mixed feelings about the transition from Morocco to America. “The best part of coming here was going to school and the hardest part was finding a good house to live in. I learned so many new things when I came here, more than in Morocco, but we did not really know what to do when we came here.” He also had big ambitions for the future, “When I grow up, I want to be a pilot. I want to travel to a lot of countries.” He has a plan set in stone for what he wants to accomplish when he grows up. When asked what hobbies he likes and what his favorite subject is, he responded, “Yes, I play soccer. I love science, in Morocco, my favorite subject was science.” As you can see, he is excited about his new life in America and is grateful for what Glasgow has done for him.