Glasgow Spotlights Alexander Nguyen During AAPI Heritage Month

Glasgow Spotlights Alexander Nguyen During AAPI Heritage Month

The month of May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. A month to appreciate the influence and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to America’s culture, achievements, and history. 

Glasgow is celebrating this month by spotlighting Alexander Nguyen, an 8th grader at Glasgow. Though Alexander was born in America, his family is from South Vietnam, and he has visited his relatives in Ho Chi Minh City [or Saigon] three times. He remembers when he was around seven years old and visited this city, “I would just talk to neighbors, and go to the local water park nearby with other kids.”

Alexander’s religion is centered around Buddhism. In his culture, he gets together with family a lot where they talk or go to parties.  He also shared that besides all of the regular American holidays, he celebrates Chinese New Year, where he goes out with family and friends to party. 

Alexander loves to code, and is in Mr. Floyd’s Coding 2 class at Glasgow. He is learning the basics and is mainly self taught. “Whenever I watch other people code, or see how websites work, it just fascinates me,” says Alex, explaining where the inspiration originates from. Alex is also on the Glasgow New Show: Good Morning Glasgow. He decided to sign up for that class last year because when watching other schools’ news shows he thought it looked really fun and wanted to try it. He enjoys the technology aspect of this class the most, and shared that his favorite position is being the camera operator.

Alexander likes the diversity of Glasgow. “It’s nice to meet new people with different hobbies.” Take the time to get to know others from this community full of diverse culture, and celebrate our AAPI students.