Glasgow Student Reveals What it Takes to Be a YouTuber


Becoming a YouTuber seems to be one of the most desired career choices of this generation. Interestingly, in a survey, about 40% of our very own Glasgow students say they want to be YouTubers. Korina Horvat is one of those students, with her YouTube channel “Korina’s World” where she has over 1,000 subscribers! In this interview, she will share her journey and provide some tips on what it takes to be a YouTube creator and how you can become one too!

Korina started her YouTube channel to create memories, but later she started making content that supported her creativity and interested her audience. Her channel is about all the topics she is passionate about, ranging from book reviews, providing tips for girls, lifestyle, productivity, and promoting and reacting to the Eurovision Song Contest. Since she has been one of the youngest Eurovision YouTubers for the past few years, she participated in a Junior Eurovision Live panel! If she didn’t have a YouTube channel, opportunities like this wouldn’t come!

Above: Korina Horvat on the live Junior Eurovision panel.

Korina has already been a YouTuber for the last few years, so she knows exactly what you need to do to become successful on the platform. However, she also knows all the issues, or roadblocks when starting a channel. 

“There’s a fear of judgment; what will people around you say about your appearance or your content? Will they laugh if you don’t get many views? Yes, that can be hard, especially for younger creators, but you just need to keep pushing forward by focusing on constructive criticism from people you trust.”

Many people don’t realize how much hard work goes into being a YouTuber and what skills you need to have. Korina was asked what part of the YouTube video-making process is hardest for her. “There is pre-production with video planning and research, then production which includes filming, and post-production that involves editing and video optimization, or the uploading process. For me personally, the hardest part of doing YouTube is probably the editing. You have to take all the footage you filmed and cut up all the useless clips. That includes unfinished sentences, stuttering, adding music and the list goes on, and so does your time! This is the most creative aspect but also the hardest.”

Korina says that being a YouTuber requires a lot of commitment as well as making mistakes along the way. The next mistake is not ‘niching down’, or focusing on a specific topic to make videos on at the beginning of your channel. She says: “If you want your channel to grow faster, find your niche and focus on just one topic”.

Korina has some expert advice for our aspiring Glasgow YouTubers: “If you are passionate about creating videos, bundle your passion with a plan and try to enhance your skills and get some help from your parents or older siblings. Remember that the number one priority is having fun! Don’t focus on competition, numbers, and judgment from others- everyone starts from zero. Instead, focus on creating quality videos on topics you are most passionate about, and success will come along the way.”

“Having a YouTube channel and creating content is not for everyone, but maybe it is a perfect match for you,” states Korina.

If you need more tips, don’t hesitate to stop her in the halls when you see her, and she will gladly give you some tips and tricks. Although YouTube is very competitive, no one should be afraid of competition because there is only one YOU!