Student Gives an Inside Look on NJHS


Stephanie Claros is an eighth grader at Glasgow Middle School. She as well as a few other 8th graders have recently joined the National Junior Honors Society (NJHS). NJHS is a group that plans out events to help our community as well as our school. This group is run by Ms. Bellowar and Ms. Roddey. It is an opportunity for 8th graders to work on their leadership and communication skills. Stephanie stated “NJHS is an opportunity for me to develop and improve my leadership skills as well as to give back to my community and my school community.”

NJHS is a club that any 8th graders were able to sign up for. Students were chosen based on leadership skills, communication/work skills. This was then a selective process. In the end, 23 students were chosen. “I decided to join NJHS because I had heard about it before, but I started to get interested in it when I heard about the leadership skills it provides and the opportunities it gives to me and others.”

Currently NJHS hasn’t planned any events yet but there are some coming out soon. Most of the events that are usually planned are service events or leadership/scholarship events because those are the main pillars of NJHS. Though NJHS members have started applying for leadership roles in the group such as president and vice president. “When planning out events the team will go back and forth with ideas and build off of each other. It is a very oral process.”

“I am excited to plan out the events as well as interact with students and teachers during those events. I am also excited to be a part of NJHS and to be a part of this new experience.” If you have any questions about NJHS feel free to ask Stephanie or one of the instructors (Ms. Bellowar and Ms. Roddey).