We See Him, We Hear Him, but Who Is He Really? A Student Spotlight on Parker Snook


By Raine Jeff

November 22, 2021

Parker Snook, an 8th Grader at Glasgow, is currently the weather broadcaster on Good Morning Glasgow. This school year is his first year in Virginia, let alone Glasgow, before living here, he lived in Florida. 

His family moves around a lot and although he has to make new friends in each new location he lives in, he says he likes to, “visit many different types of communities.” He says moving around so much, “can be fun, but it does have its disadvantages.” One disadvantage he named is keeping friends since it’s difficult to keep in touch once he’s moved away.

Parker enjoys participating in stimulating activities during his free time. A few activities he enjoys are cooking, playing video games, reading, animating, and building model kits called Gunpla, which he says are, “like complicated LEGO.” He likes cooking so much, he’s interested in going to the Culinary Institute of America. Along with enjoying stimulating activities, he likes hanging out with his brother, Gage.

Parker Snook, a news show anchor, is very active in the school. If you would like support from him, he says, “I am always there for anybody, if they have any concerns about anything, like if they are going through anything- just come talk to me. Just talk to me if you have any concerns, I am there.” Parker has become a school celebrity in the short time he’s been in Glasgow. Hopefully, you got to know him better, and be sure to say hi to him in the hallway when you see him!