Thank you Ms. Madigan!


By: Maclain Monsky and Diana Prudius

April 20, 2021

Ms. Madigan is wonderful and an extremely hardworking member of Glasgow’s staff. As of April, 30th, she has been our former acting principal, our assistant principal, and a highly involved member in our Glasgow Community. Students and staff are sad to see her leave her position! We asked a few Glasgow students how Ms. Madigan had impacted them.

Alisa Oden, a seventh-grader at Glasgow, wrote, “Ms. Madigan has been incredibly supportive of new ideas, like helping the Panther Post get an official website, implementing gender-neutral bathrooms in the school, and generally doing amazing work getting us through this pandemic.” 

Rewan Farag, an eighth-grader at Glasgow, had said, “Ms. Madigan impacted me in a positive way by stepping up to the challenge and being the acting principal of Glasgow. I really appreciate her leading the school at a time where both students and teachers were adjusting to a new life. She was very supportive and made sure everyone got the resources and instructions that they needed. A positive memory I have with Ms. Madigan is her support for so many things that I care about at Glasgow. I remember how she has shown full support towards the Journalism Club and has helped us get our own website. ” 

Brooke Ehmann-Jones, a seventh-grader at Glasgow, explained, “She, along with the rest of the Glasgow staff, have gotten us through virtual learning for a year. She is always spreading positivity and detailed information through her newsletters to parents, and is very active and hardworking in our community.” 

“She made me become a nicer, happier person with her kindness and generosity.” Taleen Alkhader, a student at Glasgow

Ms. Madigan herself said, “My favorite memory of Glasgow is the people, and it’s both the students and the entire staff.” Ms. Madigan loved working with students and staff, and they loved it too! She was an amazing acting principal, to say the least.