5 Things to do Over Winter Break When You’re Bored


Winter break is right around the corner and some people already have fun plans for the upcoming break, but some people don’t have any plans at all. If you’re one of them, here are some ideas you can do during winter break to keep yourself entertained and avoid boredom.

  1. Make a mini holiday village 

People during the holidays make mini villages as a holiday decoration in their living rooms or bedrooms, and you can build one too! What you need is mini-village houses, mini toys for details, and a place where you can build them and display them. You can even make these little trinkets using cardboard, clay, or whatever you want. Once you have all of that set you can start building and have fun!

  1. Arts and crafts

Do you love arts and crafts? Well, if you do, you can try to make your own holiday decoration or something else to display at your house. You can create your own sculpture with items you don’t use anymore, and try turning the leftover materials at home into something cool you can imagine! If you love art, you can create paintings or drawings at home about yourself, your hobbies or just something random you like.

  1. Go Christmas Caroling

Children, teens and adults alike go Christmas caroling outside during the holiday season. You can try to sing holiday songs with a group of people or family members. What you can do to have a fun time is to practice songs, stay warmed up, and don’t be shy!

*Note: If you plan on doing this, first look in what neighborhood you live in to see if the people in your community would appreciate carolers. Also, remember to always follow Covid-19 guidelines for safety.*

  1. Donate toys or clothes to a center accepting donations

You can help out the community by donating old toys and clothes to your local charity to help children and families in need. When you donate anything, you know you helped someone, and during the holidays, toys are children’s most wanted. Let’s try to make a child’s Christmas wishlist come true by participating in donating. Take some time to go through your old stuff and donate things that you think would be better in a new home. 

  1. Watch a movie or TV show

Do you like to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+? If you do, you can watch a movie or a TV show with your family while eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate in a cozy spot in your house. During the holidays there is no shortage of holiday specials, movies, and TV shows, so stay chill and enjoy!

Hopefully, these tips help you have fun during winter break!