Choosing The Best Elective For You


Gayda Makki

February 22, 2021


Can you believe it’s already the third quarter! Did you know we should have picked our new electives for next year? 

Picking a new elective isn’t easy. You should always think about the electives you really enjoyed, and/or are enjoying this year, and maybe even the year before. It’s never the right decision to choose an elective that a friend might have picked just so you can be in the same class. There might be many consequences you encounter when doing so. One dreadful aftermath that might come out of you hastily picking an elective a friend chose is not having a chance to even be in the same class after going through all that trouble. There are so many people in Glasgow with the same interests. The possibility of you being in the same class as a friend is so slim! Another outcome you could face is that you might realize you really don’t like the elective. Yes, you may ask your counselor to change electives, but that might not go as planned. Do not ruin a chance where you can truly gain happiness with the electives that really express your personality with bright colors. Throwing an opportunity like that may result in major regrets. 

Here are some of the electives some Glasgow students are enjoying this year! 

As shown in the graph above, the majority of some Glasgow students are really enjoying their world language classes this year. This might not surprise you because getting to learn, or professionalize in a certain language or culture, could be an amazing opportunity. The second most appreciated area is the performing arts. These highly requested arts could really make an impact in someone’s life. It could make you feel much happier and fulfilled as a person. The next most loved sector is- competing for head to head with visual arts- technology! Electives like S.T.E.M, computer solutions, journalism, coding, engineering, and even yearbook could all come in handy sometime in the future. If you truly feel a passion for writing, photography, computer engineering, specifically anything that may fall under technology, then the design and technology electives are for you! Visual arts is another wonderful field that may take many people’s interests. Countless people each year participate in visual arts for their love of drawing and creating. Some people believe drawing and imaginative creation is a way of peace and accomplishment with oneself. Last, but not least we have AVID! Oh, how we love college and high school preparation! This is a great course when wanting a headstart in high school or college. You should most definitely take this elective if you would like to have this kind of opportunity. 

Finally, having a special bond with a certain subject area is crucial when trying to find electives that best suit you. Though, you must always remember to choose an elective that touched your heart and mind in amusement, as well as curiosity. Talking to your counselor is another great way of finding an elective that brings out your true personality. 

If you would like to further your information on electives, here is a great site where you can go in-depth with all the electives in Glasgow Middle School: Glasgow Middle School: Electives Information