Glasgow, Let’s End Procrastination


By: Sophie Le

November 24, 2021

School can be hard, and with many tests to study for, and homework to get done, many Glasgow students have experienced something called procrastination. In fact, around 50% of Glasgow students consider themselves procrastinators.

Procrastination is when you postpone tasks. For example; you have a math test, but you wait until the morning of the test to study for it.

We procrastinate because we have negative associations with certain tasks, and fear the outcome of doing them. We may think that this task is unpleasant, or boring, but it is also related to feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, as well as being afraid of failure.

Procrastinating every once in a while can be okay, and is normal, but making it a habit can be unhealthy for your physical and mental health.

Yet, there are things you can do to prevent yourself from procrastination, such as creating to-do lists. Making very small, easy, steps, in your to-do lists- even if it is a large project- can help you to prevent putting tasks off. This helps because you can see that you have completed many tasks, which leads to a feeling of productivity.

Choosing a designated space for work can also help. This place is separate from distractions. It could be a desk in your house, a table at the school library, or another place you find you are able to focus in.  A bed, no matter how comfortable, is not a good spot for work because our brains associate this place with sleep, and doing work there can affect your sleep as well as your productivity.

Another way to prevent procrastination is to set up rewards for yourself. After completing a task, you get to do something you enjoy. For example, watching a show, or getting a sweet treat!

Something that is helpful as well is getting others to hold you accountable. You could ask a family member, such as your sibling, to take away your phone, or to remind you to do your homework.

Procrastination is a serious issue, but hopefully, these tips will help you to procrastinate less and make the most of your time!