Glasgow Students Continue to Struggle With Hallway Overcrowding


Imagery by Blue Linden

By Blue Linden

November 7, 2021

Glasgow Middle School students have suffered from crowded hallways for a long time. Students often find themselves trapped in the hallways, surrounded by other students. This causes everyone involved to arrive late to classes, bump into other students, and even get injured.

The most crowded location in Glasgow is the stairwell in the middle of the Main Building. The reason is a simple one: The main stairwell is often the shortest route to whatever class students are going to. Lots of people have a class in the modulars, and many of those students have a class in the F hallway next. To those students, the main stairwell is the quickest option, because it has the shortest distance from their class. 

However, Glasgow has five other stairwells, all of which are not as crowded as the main stairwell during class changes. Using those is actually faster most of the time, even if it’s a longer distance to walk. It’s possible to avoid using the main stairwell by using one of the stairwells near the edge of the building. Doing so helps avoid another crowded area, the area near the chorus classroom, known as the Choir Corner.

glasgow hallway traffic analysis graph

According to a survey that was given to Glasgow students, the main stairwell and door 3 were the most crowded areas during the school day. The Choir Corner came in a very close 3rd place. Around 40.4% of the students said that the main stairwell or the area surrounding it was the most crowded. 11.9% of students said that the area near Door 3 was the most crowded, and 10.1% said Choir Corner was the most crowded. 

Overall, Glasgow Middle School has an overcrowding issue. 

So what can students do about it?

Well, for one thing, they can follow the hallway rules that the Glasgow staff have set up. This isn’t an attempt to blame anyone. The suggestions and guidance that the faculty give in the hallways are usually accurate. They would actually help calm down the craziness of the hallways. Another good strategy is to find routes that go through less crowded areas of the school, such as routes that don’t use the main stairwell. 

Example: When entering the main building from the modulars, turn left and go up the stairs at the end of the hallway. That also helps avoid the intersection between the music Hallway and the main hallway. Also known as the Choir Corner, this is the 3rd most crowded area in Glasgow.

Especially with COVID-19 still around, it’s important to keep safe in the hallways, spread out, and avoid excessive contact with other students.