Glasgow Students Receive Assistance from Extracurriculars


Imagery by Baker, Molly C

If you’re an 8th grader at Glasgow, chances are you’re thinking about high school. Many students at Glasgow have passions including various sports, band, orchestra, theater, chorus, journalism, and more! If you feel confident in your activity, you may even be thinking about taking your passion to high school, college, or even further. How do you do this? What do you need to know? In this article, you’ll learn how to navigate your high school career, learn what to do when it comes to choosing activities, and more!

To get a deeper understanding of what both middle school and high school teachers want to see from their students to guarantee the most success in their future, Glasgow’s band teacher, Mr. Sharrock provided input. When asked the crucial question of how he thought joining extracurriculars affects students, Mr. Sharrock said, “starting an activity in middle school helps build your social group and it only grows when you get to high school.” In his opinion, doing extracurricular activities at a young age helps you learn how to balance your time so you’re able to get all your assignments done, and then you can indulge in your activity. This can help as you’re learning how to manage your life if you wish to go to college. It helps in terms of time management and extracurriculars look great on college resumes. Addressing high school extracurriculars, he said, “just go and do all the things. I hear a lot of 8th graders say, ‘I’m going to be so busy in high school!’ And it prevents them from doing a lot of things. I would just say do all of the things.”

Extracurricular activities can be a great way for students to branch out, meet new people, become more versatile, and try new things. Glasgow students are fortunate to have extracurriculars. Joining an extracurricular can be beneficial for years to come, from your social life to college resumes. By starting an activity at Glasgow, you can set yourself up for success in the future. Check out Glasgow’s after school programs and activities and contact Mr. Williams with any questions at [email protected].